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Jasa Optimisasi Murah Web Server

Dengan optimisasi server maka website anda akan lebih ringan ketika di akses dan meminimalisir high load pada server anda akibat beban resources usage yang terlalu tinggi.

Jasa Audit Security Server | Jasa Optimisasi Server

Optimizing Your Server For Best Maximum Performance

At the filesystem level we ensure proper directory permissions and protect temporary directory and shared memory space against attacks. At the Operating System level, we remove all unnecessary packages, disable unused services and processes, and configure system daemons (including SSH, HTTP, and BIND) for increased security. We also install and configure many commonly used applications such as Eaccelerator for PHP, FFMPEG, Mencoder, ImageMagick, NetPBM, MyTOP, and more.
Apache Optimization

Installs and configures Apache modules with optimization request handling for give best performance server and We install a customized rule set to minimize the risk of false positives
Load Balancer

Installs and configures load balancer cluster Nginx , Varnish , Memcached as you wish for booster and give best performance in very busy server
MySQL Optimization

Install and Optimize MySQL Server for best performance during high traffic or high cpu load server
Kernel Optimization

Optimize and tune kernel ( for dedicated user only ) for best performance system
PHP Configuration Tuning

Enables widely used PHP modules for maximum compatibility
FFMPEG and related software support

Install FFMPEG, Mencoder, flvtool2, and all related applications
Graphic Applications

Install widely-used graphic applications ImageMagick
Monitoring Applications

Install MyTOP, Iptraf, and Iftop utilities to easily monitor
Pricing Fee

- One time Fee for Optimizing services : Rp. 250.000 / VPS Server

- Continued Managed Optimizing Services : Rp. 200.000 / Month

Hubungi Kami Untuk Order

Anda bisa menghubungi kami apabila anda membutuhkan layanan jasa optimisasi server murah dari kami

Email : support@solusihosting.net

Phone : 021-94004767

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